// erotic literature and music performance


The idea

Behind the pleasurable-sounding title, there is a unique combination of text and music, discourse and sensuality, as well as roleplay and societal analysis. The musical readings in Porno & Piano intertwine pornography dialogue with theoretical texts and works of modern poets and thinkers to form literary collages – framed by and flavoured with new, experimental live music. The literary forays range from BDSM games, voyeurism and masturbation to basic theoretical texts and feminist power discourses. Look forward to extracts from classics in world literature and lyrical pieces from past eras, just as everyday notes and pearls of pop culture.

In Porno & Piano playful disruption meets sensual desire, sex machines and power games, and philosophy encounters eccentric fetishism. The evening audience is invited to close their eyes and briefly dream about the so-called forbidden on a journey through the hidden pleasures of our time.

The background

Porno & Piano is intended to break down barriers between entertainment, stimulation and pro-sex activism aiming to promote liberal discussions and make a sensuous-semantic contribution to unreserved interaction with sexuality and the questions that come with it. In its current form Porno & Piano premiered in winter 2015. Previous readings took place in the former Kaufbar café in Friedrichshain, at the creative office e.V. and Herman Schulz café bar, and at the Greenhouse in Berlin.


Five Berliners (by-choice) from the world of contemporary film, theatre, art and music who have a passion for reading, directing and seduction: Änne-Marthe Kühn, David Ford, Ruben Giannotti, Martin Klaus and Thea Dymke.